ASER signed a 737 Million Birr Road Contract Agreement admin May 24, 2017

ASER signed a 737 Million Birr Road Contract Agreement

ASER Construction PLC has signed an agreement with Ethiopian Roads Authority on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 to construct a 14 kilometer Sansusi- Tatek Kela asphalt road project.

As of the contract agreement, the agreed Road Project has a total length of 14 km and is Asphalt concrete and will be executed in the Oromia Regional state in the outskirt of Addis Ababa. It has also a width of 32.5 meter and has project duration of 2 and half year and costs 736,910,354.89 million birr.

Director General of the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), Araya Girma on the occasion, at which a total of 19 road projects were awarded to 12 local and 9 foreign contractors, said the road project make part of the road sector development program targeted in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) and the Ethiopian Government is the Financer of the project.

Yemane Abreha, General Manager of ASER Construction on his part giving appreciation to Ethiopian Road Authority urged that, the company will complete the project according to the stipulated design and quality before the due date.

On the occasion, 19 road projects with a total cost of 17.4 billion birr that covers a length of 1007km were awarded to both local and Chinese contractors, it was learnt.

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