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Established in 2009, ASER Construction plc is a locally registered company, which obtained Investment Registration License from the Ethiopian Investment Agency. ASER Construction is registered as Grade 1 General Contractor (GC 1) by Ministry of Urban Development & Construction on a capacity which enables it to perform any construction task including Road and Building works.

We believe that the quality of our relationships shape our results and the experience that we are committed to delivering through every engagement. We have an appetite for challenge and thrive on the adventure of innovative design. We add to that a firm grasp on the detailed execution that it takes to bring a vision to life.

Our Vision
To be a Leading, Effective and Preferred General Contractor within East Africa by 2025 G.C.
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Quality is central to everything we do and in few industries is it more important. Attention to, and responsibility for quality is part of the job description of every one of Aser’s employees. It is both a mindset, and a continuous process executed on every project and actively managed by all departments, superintendents, project managers and laboratory technicians

Value is reflected in our commitment to deliver the very best product through efficient processes and appropriate utilization of client resources. Skilled estimating and diligent project management, along with extraordinary execution, allow us to deliver projects on schedule and within budget time and time again, making us a trusted partner in even the most complex and unpredictable construction scenarios.

Challenge is something that we embrace as part of our approach to every project. We foster innovation and creativity, alongside experience and skillful execution, as part of our culture. Because of this, over a long history, many clients have selected us for projects in which complex challenges must be overcome to produce successful outcomes.

Integrity is fundamental to the strength of our reputation and the quality of the relationships we have with many longstanding clients. We believe in a “no surprises” approach that relies on detailed preparation, open and clear communication, and a simple commitment to do what we promise.

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Participate in large scale transport, water work & building construction in domestic market & playing its part in the nations development by insuring timely completion and acceptable quality;
Ensure continual improvement in quality and production by building company production capability; Ensure continual profitability.


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