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ASER Construction’s growth and success since 2008 is a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality construction and infrastructure projects. As a Grade one General Contractor (GC-1) and Water Works General Contractor (WC-1), they have the capacity and capability to undertake a wide range of construction projects.

ASER specializes in a wide range of construction and infrastructural development services, including:

Construction of Roads, Bridges, and Airfields

ASER has extensive experience in constructing highways, bridges, airport runways, and other transportation infrastructure projects. They ensure the use of modern techniques and materials to achieve durability and efficient design.

Construction of Dams and Irrigation Systems:

ASER has the expertise to undertake the construction of dams and irrigation systems, which are crucial for water storage and agricultural development. They ensure the proper design and implementation of these projects to enhance water resource management.

Construction of City Drainage and Sewerage Systems:

ASER handles the construction of drainage and sewerage systems to manage stormwater runoff and wastewater in urban areas. They incorporate sustainable practices to minimize environmental impacts and promote public health and safety.

Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants

ASER also specializes in constructing wastewater treatment plants that effectively treat and dispose of sewage. These plants play a critical role in maintaining a clean and healthy environment..

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Our successful execution of various projects in the construction industry speaks to their competence and adherence to industry standards. Our contributions to the thriving construction sector of the nation highlight our role in the development and progress of the country.

Being a vibrant Grade one construction firm, ASER Construction plays a significant role in shaping the built environment and infrastructure of the nation.  Our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering quality projects make us a reputable and reliable choice for construction and infrastructure development services.

 ASER specializes in a wide range of construction and infrastructural development services, including:

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