ASER Starts Producing Concrete Pipes admin June 19, 2015

ASER Starts Producing Concrete Pipes

Project Description

For the purpose of infrastructural development and innovation in technology and commercially viable solutions need to be found out, ASER Construction is producing different types of reinforced concrete pipes and pre-stressed concrete pipes for commercial purpose as-well-as for the company’s wide construction and infrastructure services today.

Scope of the Plant
The Concrete pipe machine is completely automatic with superior quality of product. The roller head and tolls for pressing the concrete are controlled by a highly developed system. The machine uses its roller for supporting the concrete pipe mold.  When the roller rotates at high speed, the concrete in the mold spread in the inner wall of the pipe mold and forms a cement pipe with a centrifugal force. And when the mold with the inner concrete passes on the roller, the concrete between the mold and the roller will be compacted forming a solid pipe. The pipes produced will have a diameter of 60-150mm and a length of 2:60cm which is widely used for drainage, irrigation, road culverts and deep water well.

Plant Location
The Concrete Pipe Plant is located in Bole Bello 7kms away from Bole International Airport.

Project Impact

The Pipe Plant has no environmental effect as it uses dry cast material which means there is no waste of cement mud and no pollution what so ever. During the production cycle the noise is highly reduced to about 80-90DB. Besides, it has a short production cycle which reduces waiting time for a given product. The plant currently provides a job opportunity for 10 permanent and temporary workers.

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