Kilinto & Koye-Fiche Pipe Project admin May 30, 2015

Kilinto & Koye-Fiche Pipe Project

Supply and Installation of Pipes and Fittings and Construction of Civil works of Kilinto and Koye-Fiche area Water Supply Project(from well field Koye Reservoir) Contract-I.

ASER was granted a contract from Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority & Sanitation Development Project Office to supply and install pipes and fittings including civil work construction from well field to koye reservoir on the 20th of May, 2015.

Scope of the Project
Laying various diameter DCI collector pipes in Akaki well fields; (Bore holes BH-10R, 11R, 13R, 14R, 22R, 23R, 26R and not drilled EPR-06 and EPR-08), construction of ground level reinforced concrete reservoirs of capacity 10,000m3 and 2,500m3 collection tank (CT5) around Tulu Dimtu, laying of 800mm DCI pipe transmission mains from CT5 Koye storage reservoir and construction of 1-guard houses at Koye reservoirs site, 8-control rooms at Akaki well field, 5-generator houses at Akaki well fields and 1-toilets with the associated specific tank and soak-away system at Koye reservoirs site and well head construction .

Project Duration
Scheduled for twelve months.

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