Betel Area Sewer Line Project admin May 30, 2015

Betel Area Sewer Line Project

Project Name :Betel Area New Sewer Line Supply and Installation & Re-Sizing of the existing trunk project. ASER has signed a contract agreement on the 18th of May, 2015 with Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority & Sanitation Development Project Office (AAWSA) to construct new sewer lines for Addis Ababa Betel Area and Re-Sizing of the existing trunk sewer lines from manhole MW.


Preparation of grounds, working platforms, excavation, back-fill & cart-away works, demolishing, removal & cart-away of the existing sewer pipes and manhole, supply & installation of sewer pipes & manholes, construction of sewer manholes including supply and installation of manhole frame and cover, water stopper gaskets, construction of river crossing structures, construction of access road, culverts, drainage’s and retaining walls, conducting leakage test and finishing works.

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