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We strive to reach even greater heights.



From humble beginnings in 2008, ASER Construction has grown into a dynamic Grade one General Contractor (GC-1) and Grade one Water Works General Contractor (WC-1) company. We have successfully executed a wide range of projects in the construction industry, contributing to the thriving construction sector of the nation. As one of the few vibrant Grade one construction firms, ASER Construction is making a significant impact on the development of the country.

ASER Construction has made great strides in its journey to become a leading player in the construction industry. Our mission is to engage in various sectors such as transportation, water works, building construction, real estate development, and more, in order to contribute to the growth and development of our nation.

We strive to reach even greater heights.

Our dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at the completion of a project. We strive for lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to construction excellence. We believe in the power of collaboration, listening to our clients’ needs, and providing ongoing support and guidance long after the construction is completed.


1.4M +


Aser Construction has completed  1.4 million km earth work and pavement works in the last 5 years.



Aser has completed 890 different projects in the last 10 years.

4,900 +

Construction Employees

Aser currently employees 1800 permanent and 8000 temporary employes.

Our Vision
To be a Leading, Effective and Preferred General Contractor within East Africa by 2025 G.C.
Aser Construction
ASER specializes in a wide range of construction and infrastructural development services, including:

Construction of Roads, Bridges, and Airfields: ASER has extensive experience in constructing highways, bridges, airport runways, and other transportation infrastructure projects. They ensure the use of modern techniques and materials to achieve durability and efficient design.

Concrete Batching Plant
Commitment to Delivering Excellence

ASER Construction PLC is committed to delivering ready-mix concrete of superior quality. Our strict quality control measures and careful selection of materials enable us to meet the highest standards and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Concrete Pipes Plant
Reliable and Long-lasting

By choosing ASER Concrete Pipes, you can have confidence in our commitment to providing you with reliable and long-lasting products. Contact us today to learn more about our Concrete Pipe offerings and how they can benefit your project.

Asphalt Mixing Plant
Highest Standard

ASER has strategically positioned itself to effectively offer a wide range of construction and infrastructure development services in a systematic manner. This ensures that the asphalt produced by ASER's Marini Asphalt Plant is of the highest quality and meets the specific requirements of customers. The certified materials testing/quality control laboratories have the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct various tests on the asphalt mixes.

Crusher Plant
Sustainable and Reliable

ASER Construction PLC is committed to providing sustainable and reliable aggregate materials to support the growth and development of Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas.

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